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Winter Tips for Pets

Baby It’s Cold Outside!!!!


It’s that time of year again! The holidays are in full swing with decorations everywhere you look and the joy of giving all around. We are feeling the holiday cheer here at House Vets for House Pets and want to share it with you!

Santa and his elves will be stopping by our hospital on Sunday, December 14th between 11a.m.-1p.m. for pictures with your furry family members. The pictures are free and printed while you wait! We are collecting pet related items for donation to local animal shelters, so stop by our hospital anytime to take a look at our ‘Giving Tree’ and choose a gift tag for donation.

Winter is knocking on our door and that means it’s time to take a moment and make a plan for you and your pet to ensure you are not stuck in a difficult situation!

            With colder weather come hazards to your pet’s health and safety. There are salts and chemicals applied to streets and sidewalks all throughout the holiday season and these can be harmful to your pet. Try to avoid these areas when walking, or use doggie boots to protect your pet’s paws from the harsh environment.

Guests will most certainly be coming and going in and out of your home throughout this time of year. Be sure to have house rules clearly set for your pet and guests. Having a set guideline for how to handle your pet will put guests and your pet at ease during these stressful times. Make sure your pet has a quiet and safe place to go if they want to get away. This could be a quiet bedroom, bathroom or kennel that is just for your pet. Also make sure guests know what is allowed as far as snacks/table food goes. This will help decrease your pet getting an upset tummy from human foods.

We are excited to celebrate the holidays and usher in the New Year with all our furry companions! Come by to see Santa and meet the elves! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!



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