Spring Break

Posted on: April 1, 2015
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Spring Break!!


Finally spring is here and soon spring break will be in full swing! In this blog, we will list out ways to include your pet on your spring break trip and how to make them comfortable if they have to stay in boarding instead.

Traveling anywhere can come with stresses but during peak seasonal times it can be more hectic. Always make sure you have your route planned in advance and be prepared for delays. When bringing a pet with you on the road, make sure to take your time and remain calm. Our pets can read our body language better than we can and they will pick up on stress and anxiety quickly.

Prior to leaving, make a pet check list to keep things organized and to keep your pet safe during the trip. Having vaccine records on hand can be helpful if you end up having to take your pet to a vet hospital while traveling. Research your destination ahead of time and locate vet hospitals in advance so you know who you would call in case of an emergency. Keep a collar or harness on at all times with updated contact info on i.d. tags. Your pet may behave well at home but on the road and in new places, the stimulation may be too much and your pet may be more likely to stray.

Keep your pet safely restrained in the vehicle while traveling. Having proper restraint will keep your pet safe in the car while you focus on driving. Using doggie seat belts or a crate will be the best options to keep your pet protected in the event of a car accident. These restraints will also decrease distractions while you drive.

Take frequent breaks along the way as well to give your pet a chance to stretch their legs and go potty. Rest areas provide great grassy spots to take a moment and sniff around. Avoid interacting with other pets at rest areas since you do not know their personality or vaccine history. Bring a bowl and water to provide quick water breaks while stopped. There are many collapsible bowls available and these work great for road trips.

When choosing to leave your pet at home in a boarding facility or with friends/family, being prepared in advance can still prove to be beneficial. Most of the suggestions listed above still apply in this situation too. Having updated vaccine records is important for boarding personnel and for family members caring for your pet. Keeping their diet the same and discouraging unfamiliar foods or treats can reduce sudden ER visits for upset tummies. Calling for updates on how your pet is doing is always welcomed! Some boarding facilities (like ours here at House Vets for House Pets) offer play time so time spent in a kennel is minimal. If a pet is staying with friends or family, make sure they keep an i.d. tag on at all times in case of escape in an unfamiliar area.

Whatever your plans for spring break may be, we hope your pet stays happy and healthy! If you have any questions about boarding your pet at House Vets for House Pets please give us a call!