Free (and quality) Vaccines for Life!

Posted on: September 25, 2013
Tags: Vaccinations

We all understand the importance of annual physical examinations to check for any health changes in your pet, and keeping their vaccinations up to date. Many people will go to a vaccine clinic or switch from vet to vet looking for the best price, but are all vaccines made equal?

Here at House Vets for House Pets, we use the vaccines that we think will be the safest and best for your pet.

Our ULTRA Duramune vaccine for dogs that includes distemper virus, adenovirus, and parvovirus, is ultra-filtered to remove more particles that can cause tissue reaction and inflammation. The same amount of antigen, the proteins in the vaccine that stimulate an antibody response, is contained in half the amount of liquid, which allows us to be faster while giving the vaccine, and less volume injected means less discomfort afterward. This vaccine protects against three potentially life-threatening viruses that are very common in un-vaccinated populations of dogs.

For cats, we use rabies vaccine and feline leukemia vaccines that are non-adjuvanted.  An adjuvant is an immune stimulant that is included in killed virus vaccines, like rabies and feline leukemia, to make a strong immune response.  However, the presence of adjuvants has been associated with increased risk for vaccine-associated sarcoma, a very invasive and potentially deadly cancer in cats.  The non-adjuvanted vaccines couple the vaccine antigen with a harmless virus, often canarypox, which helps to stimulate the immune system more safely and create an appropriate immune response.  Cats are the domestic animal most frequently infected with rabies, and they are required by law to be current on their rabies vaccines, even if they are indoor-only.  Feline leukemia is a virus transmitted between cats that can cause immune suppression, leading to increased risk of infections and cancer.  It is recommended for all kittens, cats living with leukemia-positive cats, and any adult cats that go outdoors and potentially contact other cats.

We also make a point to put a fresh needle on our syringes after drawing up the vaccine, so the injection is as pain-free for your pet as possible.

Recently, we have also started a Free Vaccines for Life program.  All that is required is a one-time enrollment fee and a comprehensive examination every year.  We are starting this so we can take care of all the vaccines our patients require, but also focus on the other aspects of care that may be sidelined due to the cost of vaccinations. 

Please contact us to schedule your vaccine appointment or ask us about Free Vaccines for Life!!