I was so impressed by the quality care of the spaying of my dog.  All surgery procedures and costs were explained carefully and clearly when I dropped her off.  I got a surprise picture of Zoe on my phone after her surgery showing that she was alert and awake, which made me feel more relaxed about her.  At pickup, everything was like clockwork.  The vet came in to talk with me and explained everything thoroughly.  I even got to pay in the room without having to wait at the counter with my dog who had just had surgery!  That was wonderful!  They checked up on her the next day and when I had a question, the vet called me within 3 minutes to talk to me about my concerns.  I certainly made the right decision in coming to House Vets for House Pets!  You are professional, yet very compassionate and attentive, not only to my pet, but also to me.  Thank you!

— Anita B.

I was very impressed with Dr. Cat and tech for my two elderly cats--very professional yet gentle and answered my questions. I appreciated having the discussion of conservative vs. more radical treatments. I felt that i was part of the decision process and knew the pros and cons of each issue. I will invite you guys again for sure. Perhaps next time to take care of my dogs, too!

— Anonymous

The staff at HVHP takes the time to know your pet and make him/her feel comfortable in the office. They are an exemplary vet office.

— Anonymous

Our visit couldn't have been better.  Before we even arrived, Jessica and Melissa were helpful in scheduling our appointment and communicating what our needs were.  The vet was excellent with our skittish dog Louie and we left having accomplished exactly what our goals were.  We will surely be using House Vets in the future.

— Anonymous

Very nice ladies working here. The facility was very clean and the animals in the exercise area looked like they were enjoying themselves. The vet answered all of my questions without skipping a beat.

— Anonymous

We truly appreciate the great care given to our dog, Zack. The staff went above and beyond during his last visit, calling to update us and even sending us a picture of him after his procedure!! Awesome.

— Anonymous

I have two bichons, one is eleven, and the other one is twelve. We have been taking them to House Vets for House Pets for approximately ten years. The vets & staff are very friendly, helpful, well-educated on treating animals, try to save money when possible, take emergencies, and check on pets to make sure they are okay, after they return home from surgery.

— Anonymous

The staff knows our dogs so well. We are greeted by name by the receptionist as we enter the building. She is able to tell important medical information about our dogs to the dogg day care/boarding staff without looking at our charts.  I continue to be highly impressed by this business.

— Anonymous

House Vets has always provided great service. They take the time to get to know your pet and care about them. I trust them. I only have good things to say about them.

— Anonymous

Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff. Excellent care with common sense guidance.

— Anonymous

Brilliant as always! We love the house visit service- it's great for our dog that gets nervous and great for owners who are nervous too! All of the staff are always so nice and helpful and we really appreciate it!

— Anonymous

We had a great first visit with Luna. They welcomed her and all six of us, making us feel very comfortable. The staff was extremely friendly. We could not get over how clean and fresh smelling it is! Thank you for making it so enjoyable!!

— Anonymous

Excellent service as usual.

— Art W.

Thank you for taking such good care of Grace during her exams and blood work. I feel good that she is up to date on everything - will now have free vaccines AND has great looking toes! :)

— Barbara H.

Very pleased with everything Dr. Cat took the time to listen, ask questions, etc. Very understanding, thorough, and kind!!!

— Betty B.

Their house visit service is wonderful!

— Betty P.

Motivated and caring staff for my special dog.

— Brenda M.

Thanks for the excellent care, as usual. I love that Dr. Cat and her crew gives such tender loving care to all my pets :)

— Brenda P.

As always, the doctor and staff were excellent and provided superior service.

— Brian R.

The House Vets for House Pets staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and caring. I just went in to pick up cat food and they asked about my pet's well being and referred to him specifically by name. When my cat got sick the day before Christmas Eve, my old vet basically told me there was nothing they could do and to go to the emergency vet center. House Vets for House Pets squeezed me in late on the day before a holiday and took care of us. Will always appreciate them for that kind gesture.

— Cari H.

I am so thankful my daughter recommended you!!!  I love the care and attention you gave Heidi.  I also love the fact that you didn't make me look bad or feel bad because I could not afford to do everything at this time.  When I took Heidi to our old vet she shook the entire time we were there, but did not when visiting you.  I thought it was great that everyone got on the floor with her instead of putting her up on the table, I think that made her feel very special.  She is doing absolutely great since our visit with you.  the meds you prescribed are working and she is acting more like the Heidi we all love.  Thank You!!!  I will definitely be recommending your services!!

— Carol D.

By far the best vet office in town.  The ladies are soooo caring and attentive to Daisy Duxz, making it easier for me to also have a pleasant experience.

— Carol F.

Sally is now seven years old, and has been going to House Vets since she was nine weeks old.  Dr. Cat, Cindy, Tiffany, and Melissa are so kind and dedicated to their work.  They are all so passionate about what they do.  Dr. Cat excels in professionalism and thinks out of the box.  When you visit House Vets, you are family!

— Caroline W.

I love how everyone at House Vets treats Oscar. He acts like he is special when he is there. I don't know how to put into words how it makes me feel when I see all of you treating him with your love. All I know to say is Thank You. I have to say you treat me just as well. I love all of you.

— Carolyn C.

Everyone is so welcoming and kind! We love that they bring their dogs/cats to work with them and that the animals are there to greet us. Great service and care!

— Catherine D.

Thank you all for everything you did to help us through Lucy's spay. Things went well and everyone made us feel important. Much appreciation to all.

— Cheryl H.

Every staff member is kind, friendly, patient, and nice.  Our Suzy actually likes going there.

— Chris S.

Always have the highest respect for HVHP. Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and informed. They have the patience to answer the hundreds of questions that I have :)

— Christina L.

We are extremely satisfied with all our experiences at HVHP.  Dr. Cat & all her staff are not only highly professional, but totally compassionate.

— Cindy B.

My experience was very good. Usually my cat doesn't want to come out of her carrier. She came out and let the vet examine her with no problems. Even when we got home, she usually bolts out of the carrier and hides under the bed for a couple of hours; not this time--she came out, looked around, and started to eat. Good job.

— Claudia H.

My dogs are like my babies.  I wouldn't trust their care to just anyone.  Every time I visit you can tell the staff are committed to animals.  Benny and Barney like that!!!!!

— Dave B.

Again after several years with Dr. Cat, I find myself reassured in the intense level of veterinary care, involvement, and professionalism that she provided my family over the boarding care and aftercare that my "babies" needed.  Thank you Dr. Cat and Dr. T.

— David B.

Everyone at HVHP were friendly and helpful. They were able to answer all my questions to my satisfaction. It's obvious that pets are their top priority.

— Dawn F.

What more can I say, we love all the TLC we receive from Dr. Cat, Dr. T, and crew!

— Debbie B.

I have been a client of HVHP's for many years, and Dr. Cat and the staff always make me feel like I'm part of their vet family. Very kind and willing to work around my schedule to meet the needs of my pets. Very compassionate during the loss of two of my beloved cats. KUDOS to HVHP!!

— Eileen Z.

I love coming to HVHP because my dog loves it. He knows when I say we're going to Dr. T, and he gets excited. I struggled to find a vet who treated both me and Roscoe well, and am eternally grateful to have found that here. And Free Vaccines for Life is awesome!

— Erin W.

Thank you for your excellent care of LuLu. I was amazed how relaxed she was with all of you. She could sense your love for animals.

— Evelyn P.

I am extremely satisfied with my whole experience, my Yorkie, Daisy was monitored through a high risk pregnancy and the puppy, Cupid was cared for well. House Vets for House Pets followed through with calls and made me feel less anxious about this whole pregnancy. I would HIGHLY recommend this Vet for any of your pets needs.

— Felicia R.

House Vets has always taken great care of my pets. They take their time and go out of their way to make sure that everything is taken care of.

— Gina G.

Amazing staff and friendly service. They treated us like family.

— Ginger A.

I was truly impressed by the care and attention the staff showed me and Sidd when I took him in-- he was a sick kitty. After a day, he is back to normal. I appreciate everyone's concern.

— Gloria L.

I always have a great experience at HVHP. Cindy is amazing.

— Jessica M.

You guys are great! Gunner injured his paw pretty badly and I had a challenging time at work and you took him in right away and took care of things. So grateful for everything! Thank you!!

— Jim W.

I was very satisfied with the atmosphere and employee friendliness. I would like to compliment Dr. Cat and Melissa on their knowledge, compassion, and obvious love for animals. Dr. Cat- thank you for always recommending ways to save on my pet's medications.

— Julie E.

The entire team was wonderful and showed so much compassion towards my puppy. I loved that you didn't expect me to hold her when she got her shots. That's always very uncomfortable for me! Love the vaccine for life program, too!

— Julie K.

I've always loved taking my pets to Dr. Cat at House Vets!  They are so friendly and courteous and I know my animals are getting the best care possible.  I recommend them to everyone.

— Kathleen H.

I give your business a 5 star rating!!! I love everyone who works there, especially Cindy, Dr. Cat and Dr. Talaga. You have always given my animals the best of care and I never worry about them when they are boarded at your establishment. I can't thank you enough for your excellent care.

— Kathy H.

Dr. Talaga is a wonderful vet who really care about her patients. Dr. Cat and all of the staff are absolutely great! I trust them with my "babies" and they make it easy. My animals go there for boarding, also. They give great care and the animals are happy there. Love these veterinarians!!!

— Kathy H.

The entire staff at HVHP were so helpful and so caring for a little stray that we brought into the office. They treated him as if he'd been a member of the HVHP family for years!

— Katie W.

Dr. Cat and her staff were so kind and caring for out dog. Dr. Cat went above and beyond the call of duty in working with me to find the cause of our dog's illness. Dr. Cat called me numerous time to update me on the status of our dog. 

— Kay L.

House Vets for House Pets has a fantastic pet-friendly environment. Everything is state of the art, clean, in great condition, and the employees all display a great passion for what they do and it makes a difference. I trust Dr. Catalan with my cats. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having gone the extra mile for us on several occasions and I would recommend her practice to any pet owner/lover. They do cost a little more, but you get what you pay for. The facility is impressive--ask them for a tour. Your loved ones are in great hands with them.

— Kristen B.

I'm so happy with house vets for house pets!! The vets there are truly amazing as well as the front desk and the nursing staff. I've been going there for about 7 months now and I've never had anything less than an excellent experience.

— Kristy S.

It was a wonderful first visit and reasonable prices. Way better than where I used to go. Can't wait to bring my other puppy to you guys.

— Kym B.

Although I realize that you all see many patients, I truly appreciate the specialized attention that my pets receive. I really appreciate that the staff is familiar with my pets as well!

— Latrice H.

My family adopted three kittens and brought them all in at once for a visit.  The doctor and staff gave each of them individual attention.  Addressing each kitten and their needs without making us feel rushed.  The comfort of having such great care for them limits the anxiety of bringing three kittens in to the house at once!  I would HIGHLY recommend!

— Linda J.

Best animal vet office I have been to.  Really listened to our needs and wants and acknowledged that we really love our puppy!  I would recommend this office to anyone with a pet!

— Lisa J.

Excellent service. The doctor and staff were very friendly.

— Marilyn T.

It's such a comfort knowing my two cats can get the best of care either in the office or in my home. The doctors and the technicians are the best!

— Marlene L.

I was thrilled to find an entire staff so friendly and so accommodating to my dog. I have had to hold my dog on the table for exams and shots. I was so impressed that even the vet sat on the floor to examine my dog!!! I am thrilled to have found House Vets for House Pets!!!

— Mary E.

I love the entire staff and the happy environment at HVHP!!! My dog did not even realize he was getting a shot!! Everyone is so kind and loving!!

— Mary E.

I am never less than impressed with the service and care at House Vets. Dr. Cat used acupuncture on my dog for the first time, and it went well. She is a fantastic doctor.

— Melanie B.

Staff and Dr. Cat are excellent! The care and attention are unmatched. My pets and I wouldn't go anywhere else!

— Melanie B.

Dr. Cat always takes the time to listen and observe when we take our pets in for care. My dog Lyla has fear/ anxiety issues and the staff at HVHP are great with her. Very pleased and highly recommend this place.

— Melanie B.

Thanks for taking great care of Madison!  You always make me feel part of the team in caring for her.

— Melissa A.

Anna's visit with Dr. Catalan at HVfHP was great as usual.  The crew made her feel as comfortable as possible--which is not easy!  Dr. Cat is warm and professional as always too.  You know a vet really likes animals when they get down on the floor with them to do their examination.  Great work!  We'll be back :)

— Michelle I.

It's a place that even my dogs love. Could there be a greater compliment? Everyone is kind, very helpful, and best of all competent. There is no waiting time, the atmosphere is relaxed, everything is bright and clean. The staff will answer all of your questions patiently and thoroughly.

— Monica F.

Over the past years, House Vets for House Pets has provided and continues to provide world-class veterinarian care and treatment to my beloved pets.

— Myra O.

The visit was awesome as usual!!  They take really GREAT care of both of my pups!

— Nicole Y.

I had to call House Vets for House Pets... They immediately took care of me... Thanks to Dr. Cat and Tiffany (at the front desk) for taking such good care.

— Rita Z.

I cannot thank you enough for the care that you gave to my Gracie! Thank you all again for the care and the love that you gave to both of us! Feeling Blessed and oh so grateful! Thank you again, Rochele and Gracie

— Rochele H.

I absolutely love House Vets for House Pets. The entire staff is incredibly nice and patient. Dr. Cat is both incredibly knowledgeable and great with pets and owners alike. The level of customer service is outstanding. They even have programs to help make vaccinations and insurance very affordable to their clients. When we moved from Texas, I wasn't sure where to take out beloved dog. I am so happy to have found House Vets for House Pets.

— Rosalyn W.

We are trying out the new pheromone diffuser for our two Weimaraners.  Sounds like a more holistic remedy as opposed to jumping straight to doggie Prozac!  We are glad that House Vets for House Pets has such knowledge, and are creative with solutions when you need it most!  Thanks for continuing to be an AWESOME veterinarian for our girls!

— Sarah and Brandon B.

Dr. T is amazing as always. She really takes the time to thoroughly exam my Weimaraner, as she knows my concerns with her history of MCTs. Dr. T also takes plenty of time to talk and discuss certain topics, as well as providing plenty of education to me regarding my Sadie. I am 110% satisfied with the AMAZING care that House Vets for House Pets has given my two Weims, Sadie (6) and Lucy (4). I have and will continue to recommend your services to EVERYONE I know : - ) My dogs are my world, and I don’t trust just anyone with their care.. But I do, without any hesitation, fully believe Dr. Cat and Dr. T are hands down, the most intelligent, kind, caring, compassionate, and trustworthy veterinarians in the Cincinnati area!

— Sarah B.

Preston always seems to enjoy his time at HVHP and the staff is always very kind and helpful! I'd definitely recommend this excellent team!

— Susan P.

I don't have much experience with veterinarians, but I was impressed by Dr. Cat and her assistant's consideration and professionalism.  They made me feel at ease, they listened to my concerns first, quickly eliminated my biggest concerns, and found a simple and cost-effective solution to the problems I was having with my kitty.  I was at first very concerned that they would make me feel guilty for not getting him care sooner, but they were very understanding and assured me that, for his particular problem, an earlier appointment would not have made much difference.  The medicines they prescribed for my cat seem to be working quickly and resolving the problem without any side effects.  He's much better now, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Cat and House Vets to friends and family, they will hear from me again!

— Syliva S.

Staff is attentive and responsive.  Dr. Cat and Dr. Talaga are both great.

— Teena B.

Very friendly, sincere and caring attention given to our pet dog and us.  Happy we made a switch to House Vets for House Pets!

— Tiffany M.

Smiles and love from every employee from the moment we walked in! Clearly they love animals and I trust them with my charming Jack!

— Tina Z.

This place feels like home! I feel so welcomed and so does my dog! I have comfort leaving him there. I recommend your services to everyone! Thank you for all that you do!

— Tyler A.

The staff at House Vets for House Pets are wonderful. Having Dr Cat and Cindy come out to my house for the yearly check up saves me the hassle of transporting 4 cats in to the office. They spend as much time as each cat needs, listen to any concerns I have, and give a thorough exam. It lessons the stress of a car ride on the cats and me! 

— Vickie M.

I enjoyed my experience at HVHP, although my cats did not (that’s just because my cats hate all vets). The staff was very friendly, helpful, and informative. They handled my one cat (who gets upset and mean at the vet) very well. I will definitely come back in the future.


— Alex S.

The best vet. Period!

— Anonymous

I wouldn't trust my Moose with anyone else! Thank you guys for being apart of the family for so long :)

— Kara W.

House Vets for House Pets may be a little expensive but they provide the service to back it up!

— Molly Z.

Extremely competent and compassionate, as always!!

— Amy E.

We are very happy with HVHP. We have used their services for multiple pets, and we have always found them to be very caring and skilled in meeting all of our pet's needs.

— Sandra F.

I felt welcomed at House Vets as if I was an old friend and they had great patience with my skittish dog.  They were careful to notice when she was getting overly stressed and remedied the situation immediately.  They took great care when examining her and took their time.  I didn't feel like they were rushed to get to their next appointment, but rather like my dog was the only one in the building.  I got a full written report of the visit and a full explanation of the terms and procedures, as well as the costs.  The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable and didn't smell like a chemical cleaning agent like many vets that I've been to before.  I'm very glad I tried them out.  It was worth the trip!

— Anita B.

Dr. Cat and staff are incredibly caring and sensitive towards the needs of my dog, and me! I have met very few vets who are as kind, knowledgeable, and care as Dr. Cat. My dog is my child and I know she is in good hands every visit!

— Susie G.

Excellent care for my pets! I always feel like Dr. Cat and Cindy have an extremely caring attitude, and they always spend a decent amount of time examining Hershey, Shadow, and Skeeter. I never feel like I'm being rushed.

— Angela L.