Spending time with your pet

September 12, 2011

Dogs in the pool

As a working mom, I know that finding any free time can be very difficult.  One great way to force yourself to get in some quality time with your pet is by scheduling one of the great doggy events around town into your calendar.  There are so many activities for dog lovers.  The list is endless. 

I was reminded of how fun dog events can be while working a booth at Dog Days at The Beach Water Park on Sunday.  The entire House Vets team had a blast.  It was great seeing dogs and owners enjoying each other and splashing around in the wading pool.  Other cool activities include a hike at a local park, a play date at the dog park, or a jog around the track at Veterans or Julifs park.

In spending time with your dog, you actually may find that you gain just as much or more than your pet did.  Give it a try!


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