About House Vets for House Pets

Located in Anderson Township in Cincinnati, OH, House Vets for House Pets is a full service, AAHA accredited veterinary clinic offering comprehensive preventive treatment, surgical procedures and additional medical diagnostics. We also provide the perfect place for your pet to stay when you leave town, or even just for the day with our pet boarding and doggie day care services.

Read more about our compassionate staff and facilities, and call us anytime at 513-474-8381 or click here to make an appointment online.

Dr. Kamaria Catalan, Veterinarian


Hello, I am Dr. Kamaria Catalan.  I am affectionately known as "Dr. Cat".  I am fortunate enough to have been practicing veterinary medicine for over 16 years now.  I was one of those kids that when asked what they wanted to be, I proudly announced "a vet" and never wavered from that dream. I had my first job in a vet hospital was when I was fourteen!  I continued working for local vets, and other animal organizations on through college.  After graduating with a zoology degree from Howard University, I attended Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine.  I graduated with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1996.  I became certified in veterinary acupuncture (CA) in 2011.

I am originally from Detroit, Michigan.  I have lived in Cincinnati for 14 years.  My practice has grown from a van to a large full service facility.  For that I am extremely grateful to my team, my community, my family, and God who continues to bless me.  Outside of working, I have many interests.  I love art fairs, genealogy, playing with my dogs, comedy, and catching up with old friends. My guilty pleasures are ice cream and the TV shows  "the walking dead" and "scandal".

I am also a mom and a wife.  My boys are 14 and 16.

Currently I serve as a Trustee  for the Cincinnati Veterinary Medical Association.  I am also a member of the OVMA, AVMA and the AHVMA which is the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Emily Talaga, Veterinarian


I grew up in the Chicago suburbs in a house full of animals.  I worked in a variety of settings caring for pets prior to vet school.  I attended Cornell University for both my undergraduate degree in animal science and my veterinary degree.  After graduation, I spent a year in my hometown doing an internship in medicine and surgery to further my education.  I was an associate veterinarian in northeastern Pennsylvania for 2 years prior to relocating to Cincinnati.  My main interests are post-operative or post-injury rehabilitation, preventative care, and strengthening the human-animal bond.

In my spare time, I love taking walks with my 2 dogs and my husband, baking, and board games.  I also do pet photography as a fun way to interact with animals without the stress of the hospital!  Come see me in the office or on www.dogdayphotography.com

Cindy Alvey, Veterinary Assistant


My name is Cindy Alvey. I have been with House Vets since 2005. I am honored to work here everyday, I get to be part of so many avenues of the business. My greatest love is building strong customer relationships and making a connection with animals that are older and in their geriatric years. I have no children but I have my wonderful dog Ella Bella and 9 cats, and a bunny.

I grew up on a farm in Bethel Ohio. We had every animal under the sun. I love all living things, anything with a heartbeat has a value and a worth. I am a true country girl with a little city flare.

Allison Durbin, Receptionist


Hi!  My name is Allison.  I recently started at House Vets in November, and I must say that I absolutely love it!  Everyone here is wonderful and their passion for the health of animals is tangible.  I'm very blessed to be where I am today.  I have one dog, Lady, and two cats, Autumn and Midnight.  I hope to continue to be the best that I can be for them as well as the practice.

Melissa Miller, RVT, Lead Technician


Hello, my name is Melissa.  I joined the House Vets for House Pets family in March, 2013.  I started my career in the veterinary field in 2002.  I have always wanted to be a veterinary technician and was grateful that I was given the opportunity.  As a child we always had a lot of different pets, some of my friends would say it was like a zoo!  My family and I moved to the Cincinnati area from Wisconsin in July of 2012.  I have one fur child, a golden retriever named Clifford.

Marie S., Veterinary Assistant

My name is Marie.  I am currently an Animal Biology student at the University of Cincinnati.  I have had a passion for the animal work field since I was a young girl.  I am an aspiring vet.  I have two cats, three dogs, and two fish.

Tiffany Shepherd, Lead Receptionist


I have been with House Vets since 2011. I am the front office team leader and receptionist. I feel very lucky that I have the opportunity to be part of this wonderful family. My favorite part of the job is educating clients on the importance of wellness compliance.  Making sure that a pet has the best care possible is really important to me.  I have a wonderful five year old son and two spoiled rotten dogs.  When I am not at work, I spend every minute with them!

Staff Outings and Team Building Events

Enjoying a Cincinnati Reds game!

We take a lot of pride in the fact we are a very close group of workers. We consider each of us as friends and are always trying to get together and do activities  to continue to build strong long term relationships between us.

We think these activities are a critical tool to ensure that our bond between each other will also be the bond you feel as a client when you visit our facility. We are always trying to make new relationships and continue to build on the ones we already have with our clients.



AAHA Accreditation party!

AAHA party

To celebrate our achievement of AAHA Accreditation, the whole team got together, along with some clients who wanted to celebrate with us! We had a photo area and some props, and decided to make good use of them!

Staff Fun Photo

Yes! We do have a lot of fun together!

We figured we should know what it feels like to be a pet wearing an E-collar. We all learned quickly that everything echoes and it can get hot, but we got used to them. We had fun!

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